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Healing Through Connection

Hello fellow clinician!
This site is to help you deepen your work with your clients and learn more about Polyvagal Theory & the autonomic nervous system.

Jacqueline M. Soboti

Do you work with clients that come to therapy experiencing stress, trauma, difficulty navigating relationships, and emotional overwhelm?

Are you looking for an approach that goes beyond a traditional model of care?

Have you been seeking a theoretical approach that addresses the brain body connection and our neurophysiology?

Then this site is for you!

What is Polyvagal Theory?

Video of myself discussing why PVT

“Humans, as social mammals, are on an enduring
lifelong quest to feel safe. This quest appears to be
embedded in our DNA and serves as a profound motivator
throughout our life. The need to feel safe is functionally
our body speaking through our autonomic nervous system -
influencing our mental and physical health, social relationships,
cognitive processes, behavioral repertoire”

Why do we need theoretical frameworks that move beyond a traditional model of care?

Polyvagal Theory

 Autonomic Nervous System

 Polyvagal Theory in practice

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