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 There is a science behind feeling safe..

Polyvagal Theory explains that science.

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If you are working with clients, then you are working with their nervous system.


Why this research?

Our ability to feel safe and connect originates in our autonomic nervous system and is influenced by the vagus nerve. Regulating emotions and responding to fear are rooted back to these systems. Research suggests that now, more than ever, individuals are struggling. Prolonged exposure to stress is resulting in physical and mental health challenges. This approach will assist you in your work with clients.


Why this site?

Polyvagal Theory can be a bit complex. So
I created this website to make it easier to understand. I explain the theory more here.
I believe this theory can transform how you practice as a clinician. This site provides psychoeducation on Polyvagal Theory and resources to use while working with clients. References for this website can be found here.

Threats to connection & safety during COVID-19: A Polyvagal Perspective

COVID-19 gravely impacted our natural abilities to connect and feel safe in our relationships

Visit this timeline to learn more about Polyvagal Theory and how it applies to shared trauma that we all endured.

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Disruptions to Connection in Healthcare
& Academia Due to COVID-19

Two sectors that were gravely impacted and forever changed by COVID-19 were healthcare and academia. 

Visit the videos and infographs to learn more from the research and experts in the fields. 

Disruptions to Healthcare

Disruptions to Academia

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​​"To fulfill our biological imperative of connectedness, our personal agenda needs to be directed toward making individuals feel safe.”

Stephen Porges

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