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Healing Through Connection

In this field, clinicians hear a lot about the brain-body connection and the fight-flight-freeze response. 

But what do these terms really mean and how do clinicians assist their clients in understanding their physiological wiring?

Polyvagal Theory is a theoretical approach that aids us in better understanding this science and how ours and our clients neurophysiology impacts clinical work. 

Polyvagal Theory is the science behind assessing for safety.

This framework assists clinicians in understanding their client's experiences and moves beyond traditional pathologizing and diagnosing. 

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Polyvagal Theory

 Autonomic Nervous System

The Vagus Nerve

“Humans, as social mammals, are on an enduring lifelong quest to feel safe. This quest appears to be embedded in our DNA and serves as a profound motivator throughout our life. The need to feel safe is functionally our body speaking through our autonomic nervous system -influencing our mental and physical health, social relationships, cognitive processes, behavioral repertoire”

Stephen Porges

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